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 Atlantic Ocean Aquaculture 

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Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 2.15_edited.pn

"We must plant the sea,
using the 
sea as farmers instead of hunters.
That is what civilization is all about  farming replacing hunting.”

— Jacques Cousteau

Our story

AOA was founded by Roger Bason, ocean scientist, entrepreneur and energy engineer with 20 years experience in developing and siting tidal and wave energy systems. In 2018 he founded AOA with the mission to develop and deploy natural climate action solutions that may be effectively used worldwide. 

The growth and scaling up of ocean farms and forests are primary goals for the company. In addition to producing nutritious foods and animal feeds, the AOA Team seeks to certify and install the first internationally recognized seaweed forest as a climate action strategy with measurable standards that can be replicated worldwide as an effective Climate Action approach.